Brahms museum
In Mürzzuschlag in Styria, where the highly imaginative and lovingly arranged Brahms museum, unique in the whole world, is placed.

“Johannes Brahms on summer holiday” is the theme of the eventful permanent exhibition of the museum situated in the house, where the composer lived during the summer of 1884 and 1885.
More than nine months Brahms lived in Mürzzuschlag and composed his whole Fourth Symphony in e-minor and more than over 30 vocal works there. “It´s almost too beautiful here...” Brahms tempted many of his Viennese friends (e.g. Theodor Billroth, Eduard Hanslick, Robert Fuchs) to visit Mürzzuschlag. Brahms even went for a walk to nearby Krieglach to visit the famous poet Peter Rosegger, who worked there.


During the musical walk through the museum you will enter the world of Brahms´ productive summers he spent composing in Austria (Pörtschach, Ischl, Pressbaum and Mürzzuschlag), Switzerland and Germany. Brahms wrote his major works in summer.
You are invited to leaf through his scores and listen to some of his immortal music. The combination of seeing and listening will make your visit to the museum an unforgettable experience.
You will also become better acquainted with Brahms himself. A large number of objects and photographs that belonged to Brahms (a loan provided by the Historical Museum and the Musikverein – Society of Music Lovers – in Vienna) as well as previously unknown diaries and letters paint a lively and authentic picture of the famous composer. You will meet Brahms´ circle of friends: Clara Schumann, Joseph Joachim, Marie Soldat, Adele and Johann Strauß, Theodor Billroth, Elisabeth von Herzogenberg, the Fellinger familiy and many others.
The highlight of the museum is the music room where you can see and listen to the original and restored Streicher-piano, on which Johannes Brahms had his unique recording on a wax-zylinder from 1889. Brahms himself plays one of the Hungarian dances for you!
Concerts performed all year by first-rate interpreters take place in the music room with its splendid stucco ceiling from 1720.

The Brahms museum was awarded the European Museum Prize “MUSEUM OF THE YEAR – SELECTED CANDIDATE” in 1994 because of its unusual arrangement.
The museum can be visited without guidance; there are translations in many languages for foreign visitors. Special programs for groups, children and pupils perfectly complete the experience of the museum.
We are looking forward to welcoming you soon to the Brahms museum in Mürzzuschlag.