The Austrian Brahms Society

resident in Mürzzuschlag/Styria was founded in 1989 by Ronald and Elisabeth Fuchs. It was their private initiative which was of the utmost importance because there had been no Brahms-society in Austria since 1904.

At that time the first Austrian Brahms-society was founded by Viktor von

Miller zu Aichholz who was a good friend of Brahms and who saved Brahms' whole goods in Ischl after his death.

The aims of the society are to preserve Brahms' heritage in Austria, for he was one of the most famous Austrians by choice. The most important task was the founding of the world-wide unique Brahms-Museum which is dealing with his summer-holidays in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Italy.

Further aims are several publications and: the annual festival "BRAHMS!..." taking place in Mürzzuschlag. In this festival the well known Altenberg Trio Wien - Claus Christian Schuster, piano, Amiram Ganz, violin, Martin Hornstein, cello - are the principal artists.

The society has had about 400 members since 1989, who support its aims by their membership:

€ 19,- for supporting members
€ 26,- for couples
€ 75,- and more ... for patrons